February 7, 2010

the evolutionary process of teddy bear to man.

check it:

only one of four pictures that i've taken. my favorite part is the "fo sho"-- that's the way to feel accomplished, eh?? it was nice going out into seoul in the daytime and seeing some places (teddy bear museum at the tower in myeong dong). it was also strange because i thought it would be someone else taking me, but it ended up being a good time. i did the lock-wish thing there, only later realizing that i had written the date incorrectly. .... it will never, ever come true.

in more ok-ish news, i heard from some people from the oxford trip last year! albeit the one person who underwent drastic plastic surgery, they are still recognizable and beckon me to conclude the damn book about them.

in the process of editing.
expect it to hit bookshelves this spring.

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