June 18, 2009

fear not. normalcy again. noo foreign substances?

i have some sort of fucking allergies or--hay fever? i just know my nose is running a marathon and it won't quit, the trooper. ok. so today something happened that has quelled my increasing dread over the past two months. i guess i may still be pure and good, but it hardly explains the absence of the, um, regularity for that time. it's a puzzler. a relief for the most part.

so it's summer. june is almost fucking over! i can't believe that--i don't understand how time could just blaze by and leave a stubby like that *insert snap there*. sooo. i've gotten into some odd combination of thingamajigs; in accordance with my intermittent lists, here are my current raves for the summer:

1. pomegrantes: the band. i like the fruit as well--it's tang and crunch. well, i first heard them when i was over seas and i was ecstatic. it's very pretty sounding (soft, soothing voiced) and pleasant melody induced. i can't get enough of the svaatzi uutsi. some of their songs are too short for their own good. they leave me hanging on and i have an insatiable appetite for jangly songs.

2. rompers?: i spotted them also overseas and purchase two (from the same store). i also got one over here and they're all super-cute. i like them because it's a whole outfit in one--kinda like a dress, but with more coverage. no more top/bottom coordination dilemma. the downside of this thing is extra work when going to the bathroom. it takes me back to my youth when i used to wear them too. the turbulent times of the '90s.

3. moral orel:

i know that this series was started a while back and it's been sacked from production and i knew about it before....seen it a few times. i think i thought of it was waaayyy too religious or the kind of religious satire that takes it to the extreme. however, i saw a few episodes and now, even though the asinine antics and mentality of the people of moralton get me worked up with rage, i can't stop watching it. i am totally hooked on the claymation and the storylines and the characters. ohh. it's rather hilarious.

4. nail polish: this is another trip to the 90s. i was deprived of color and when i got back i went all out on my nails. sometimes. i don't know why this has returned to my life. general regression.

5. reading: the iliad is the shit. it's gory. and i like all the names. diomedes.

i can't think of anything else that gets me crazy. tomorrow is supposed to be fun. looking forward to saturday, too, although that may be a lonely time event.

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