May 8, 2009

the late Update

i really feel like i need to post something since i have all this fucking drafts that will eventually be done in the near future, quite possibly when i get back home from this long, long, long, long, trip. there will be pictures galore and awkward anecdotes that will fill this webspace and hopefully induce seizures, laughter, and the spontaneous urge to break out in interpretive dance.

ok, so my trip here is near it's end and i haven't been to all the places i wanted to go ( is a huge issue here), but it's still been splendiferous. been working on my social experiment observations..i guess that reference will make more sense when i finally post up the "3 bitches in dublin" thing i started ages ago..anyway, look for my critically acclaimed, soon-to-be award winning book about how people act when they're drunk/sober/angry/bitching/faking to be totally nice when they're really a fucking conniving wannabe ho--it's gonna have everything. it'll be accompanied by pictures of eggwhore, leggy lips, some pretty boys/girls, and pancakes. it's such a shame i lost my original notebook because i had recorded some good shit in there (also rather informational and personal).

i'm waaaaaaaaayyyy looking forward to getting back home..sort of. i would totally stay longer in europe if i had more money and had planned more shit out. one thing i'm really looking forward to (among driving my car--which is actually bad for the environment, i know--,eating cheap and delicious fruit, and target) is seeing passion pit. i have seen one live kinda band here and they were great. The lead singer had the moves. It was in scotland. Yeah, no, they were absolutely pussy-riffic. As in they had no fucking great rocking aura about them and the band members seemed extremely eclectic, in a horrible-clashing-you-don't-belong-together-in-a-band way. I'm way bummed i couldn't see the joy formidable in oxford and that i fucking missed mstrkrft in glasgow. i'm most fucking gutted about the mstrkrft cuz they were playing real close to where i was staying and i was being a lazy fuck stying in and sleeping--goddammit. this upsetting rant will be continued in the past with my post about scotland so i might elaborate on that later/earilier(?).

today we'll be going to stonehenge and some other towns around there. it's fucking raining and windy which equals fucking cold. i mean, i like rain, but not when we're gonna probably be out all day and shit like that. this trip was also on a fucking friday..coulda been doing other things. going to other places on our own. i guess i'm mostly pissed off about everything (group trips) being pushed til the end. bullshittt. ish.

i hope that's long enough to quell your insatiable thirst for the some of the events in my life so far. i gotta try to do some evaluation now.

alas. no love interests here.
relatively cute, but genuinely intangible.

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