January 31, 2009

fare thee well, my 8 year old masochistic enthusiast

OH! already the end of the month. nothing really exciting happened. and i'm not having a particularly good time nowadays. one thing i'm totally disliking is my online class. it's the worst i've taken. ever. i think it's cuz we don't watch movies about aliens/zombies/superheroes and i have no idea what the people in my class look like (it's more likely i forgot what they look like...alas, no more monstertits).

it's been more quiet around here since the people visiting left. i realize now that i miss the kid quite a bit. he was cute and quizzical and bilingual and he oddly reminded me of myself when i was younger, with the exception of him being a boy and being more talkative/loud. he was a funny little guy, occasionally conflicting damage on himself.

patiently and apprehensively waiting for march to roll around. it'll be coming right quick.

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