December 31, 2007

The Worst Ever?

So, it’s the last day of 2007. For me this may have been the horriblest year of my life so far; nothing changed at all. I suppose the few good things—and I seriously mean few fucking things that made this year at least ok. Here we go, my first top ten ever (I’m totally stealing this concept, but it aptly displays the info in the way I want):

The Good of 2007

: Graduating high school. I had a shit time, in general, and it finally ended. The whole high school experience wasn’t anything I imagined or planned it would be. First off there were no romantic occurrences at all. I always envisioned I’d be involved with someone by the time I got to high school, but all the good ones were gone and the ones left were less than satisfactory and I’m a relatively quiet person so I guess nothing worked out for me.

: Getting a sense of what I am. You know when you’re young and you try to follow all the current shit that everyone is even if you don’t like it? I tried to steer clear of those situations and I’m kinda glad with whatever the hell I’m rocking now. I think that sounds lame. Lame. I don’t think I have any identity, but the eclecticness I encompass works for now.

: Getting a car…that I can’t drive because I gots no insurance.

: Attempting to continue my education post HS. I plan to make bank sooner or later, preferably sooner and with my smarts it won’t take that long.

: MythBusters. Just can’t get enough of that Grant Imahara!! Oh my gosh—the episode with him in the tight jeans…hmm, muffin topped and yet still acceptable. And of course the intriguing ways those guys test out myths…you know..questions people send in..

: Scarves. I never really took these accessories seriously. I used to wear them because it was cold back in Chi-town, but there was no need for them, really, when I moved. They’re so versatile and can be coordinated by color and pattern to what you’re wearing. Ohh.

: Books. I read all kinds of shit this year. Most of it required readings for school which I obediently read albeit the majority of my classmates ignored these books. I also read much on my own, especially Kurt Vonnegut stuff and James Joyce and that danged Harry Potter, and kinda expanding my vocabulary and literary sense. I was real big on reading books back in the day and that stint returned in a way this time round.

: Hot guys. Well, maybe not smoking hot, but definitely considerably to commit naughty acts with. Oh my…major hot guys were, for me, Bruce Campbell, Gerard Butler, Paul Rudd, the Schwartzman brothers, and Alex Turner. ….mmm, yeah, especially that last one there. From the Chow King guy to the Matt Sharp/Graham Coxon look-a-like bus guy—these people were the reason I got up in the morning and stepped outside or turned on the computer. It’s what I’m on the look out for wherever I am…after admitting that I feel self-pity. Shit.

: Chicago & Family. This is where the good times originated and where there’ll always be. I had quite the awesome time this past summer, despite missing KLAXONS and THE WOMBATS, and I hope to have more experiences like it. The humid, thick Illinois summers are always best remembered with BBQs and staying up late sipping margaritas while watching ghost videos on youtube.

: What could this possibly be? Is there something that beats out everything on the list? You better fucking believe it. This provided some cushion to the toilet seat 2007 shat on my lonely being: Music. There was just a plethora of old and new and now tunes that totally got me through the bad times (which were seemingly never ending). I know, regrettably cliché, but all the stuff I found—Motown to Post-Punk, Britpop to Electro-Dance, Anti-Folk to Rockabilly, Shoegaze, and of course Twee—was just absolutely amazing. All the artists (ie: Arctic Monkeys, Flight of the Conchords, Good Shoes, Jamie T, The Libertines—yeah, I’m a few years late…—Sam Cook , N.W.A., Beulah, Los Campesinos! Oh, it goes on and on) were just..I mean I knew some of them, but not all the goodness their songs had and others I had never known shit about. It made my days a little better (and my nights more dance-worthy). I guess I have lastfm and the hype machine(see the things on the side there...)and various music blogs to thank for most of this.

There you go.
The ten things that made existence in 2007 tolerable for me. God, I need to have a much better time next year.

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