December 24, 2007

Old News: Dystopia in 2012, tonite @ 7:00

Did I happen to mention I was scared thrice by Arctic Monkeys? Well, not like absurdly terrified, but in a pleasantly shocked or surprised manner. My holiday thus far has been extremely shitty. I was expecting good travels (maybe Europe or at least Chi-Town again..ridiculousness). I had so much to say before, but now there is nothing worth a word. I think I’ve finally decided what to do. Shit. I don’t think some people are gonna be happy—I just need to move on, do things the way I want, have no regrets, and hopefully I’ll be better off. My last year to live like I don’t have to give a fuck and I need to start being a human about this.
And everything I've watched, read, listened to about the future, I've noticed, is the dire destruction of the greatness we once had. So, uh, I'm gonna try to live in the present and not give a shit about what happened or will happen. Fluctuations.

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