August 12, 2007

Puberty at 25 as well as Tasty Type B Blood

I missed The Wombats indefinately. *tear* *tear*

It's terrible that I need to write like that..and also rather strange, I believe. Well, I have been here in the state of Illinois (aaaagain? Home sweet home) for a long time. Taco Bell at 1:30 A.M. for a feast. Hells yes. There isn't much to say, really, other than that. It's been over a year since my first entry! Ho shit. Long time past since the Japan trip (naru-chan!! ima doko da yo?). Generally fun times had by all. When they were all here about a week ago. Wow. Why have I stayed this long (there is an obvious answer, but let us suppose that this proposed question is rhetorical)? I have fallen asleep listening to my cousin talk to this guy (he has a peculiar laugh; it's strangely adorable and what's up with his squinty eyes and why does he look like this other guy who hangs out with a certain friend of mine?) and we have chatted about how to deal with poop. I guess no more chili for her. I suppose we've also realized how old we are (I mean, we've practically known each other since forevah) and how old we might become (grandparents?). I guess we can look forward to these kind of visits later. We can look back and be all, "Remember that guy with the weird laugh?" and "Oh yeah. I ended up marrying him." Well, it might not be that likely to happen, but how scandalous would that be?

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