May 21, 2007

Should I become a Cook-Chef

On to les foods: While scuttling around the fantastical asian supermarket found the most surprising snack.

In the native tongue (Koreans) we call it "Dak Dari", but in common people's language y'all can call it "Fried Chicken Snack". It's some pretty good Asian snack and it seriously tastes like fried chicken, which surprised me much. Definitely worth trying, I think, if ever stopping by at some..Korean or, I might even suggest Japanese market (I don't know if other Asian grocery chains carry this snack, it's quite rare and difficult to find, in my opinion).

Something else I've totally discovered to be delicious was Häagen-Dazs pineapple coconut ice cream.

It didn't seem all that appealing at first, but it actually tastes good--there's the coconut churned in with the ice cream itself and then the pieces of pineapple sprinkled about the whole confection. I happened to try the "extra rich light" variation, but I saw there was a regular version (there's just a little bit less calories, then?).

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Anonymous said...

i like ice cream.
and pineapples.