April 13, 2011

At Your local Kubrick library.

way too into school. i'm surprised i've been going out on monday nights, spending money, and ending up in questionably apartments filled with guys. it's cool. i'm used to it--bars, hotel rooms, bathrooms, i've dealt with them all. at least my social life is considerably more exciting.

here's a rundown on my new academic life: all my classes are loathsome, with the subject exception of italian where we always end up laughing about morire. there's a grandpa, a hipster, and some lady..i really miss last quarter with mr. sweaty. anyways! there are so many things to do and people for me to see, time schedule nonconflicting pending, that leave me excited, eager for le weekend.

so, lately all i've been watching is good ol' simpsons episodes, seasons 1, 2, and 5. here are two shots of attractive, fictional womans that often get lost in all the dialogue and story and the fact that you were eating that sandwich instead of watching the screen:

i really like marge with her hair down.next time i hope to catch some other good'lookin' guest star characters.

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