April 22, 2011

memories of two

i guess this is one of those times that's a little more obscure and self-reflective than normal. well. you might be thinking, "hey. this thing is always like that. there isn't anything here that i immediately understand unless it's through a stupid reference that i remember from that book/show/song/etc." in the grand tradition of things, this post will follow suit, undeniably and then some.

within in the past week, i've been engaging in activities i used to reserve for special occasions or, y'know, weekday nights after a difficult day dealing with clingy, violent kids. i'm not lamenting the fact it's going on, i really missed it--the stress, the talking, the bonding over questionable omelets, and i totally think those last two activities are nearly synonymous with the exception of the addition of food there--and although the ones these days aren't nearly as delicious (yes, i mean dinnertimes) or , dare i say, intimate, it's been a good substitute.

i really have to stop relying on the drinks to make my evening tops. i'm not that dependent, no.
and i've actually forgotten the point of this post, like always.

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