February 14, 2012

Gimme some loving

it's that time of the year..for blood-coloured things and hearts aplenty. I miss the simpler interpretations of this holiday, elementary school-times where it was all about the candy, but not those shitty little hearts.

and getting valentines with x-men characters declaring adoration (eg."you're magnetic", "let me read your mind/i was thinking the same thing", "i feel your burning gaze/and i like it") for you from your secret crush (though you totally knew he sent the same one to all the other girls in the class and you still treasured the piece of paper).

it was fun, relatively harmless, inclusive, and...delicious. Maybe it's still delicious to me now, the only consistent aspect, whenever i happen to be the recipient of candies/chocolates/edible things.

Particularly jaded. And lonely. For the time being I will derive pleasure from viewing this:

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