February 5, 2010

so, you be foreign

i've been sullen for most of the day, but i really think it started yesterday a little bit. i guess the person i thought to be my new best friend for this whole thing decided to hang out with another group..i can't blame her entirely since we were segregated into new groups (of course i was in the smallest one) to do a picture-scavenger hunt of sorts. it was japan '06 all over again. i'm not surprised, a little disappointed, though, that people here are sticking to their general cliques. for me it's annoying and disgusting and..maybe because i've been a loner for a while now (mostly by choice) and i find socializing an empty, fearful response. mm, terrible aren't i? well, i don't totally ignore people and depending on the situation (ie: someone or some subject is worth my words) i'll be more than willing to strike up that forced conversation.
this will probably sound ridiculous, but i had no idea there were koreans in new zealand. that's ignorance on my part isn't it? i mean, i was sure they/we are everywhere, but it's not the first place that comes to my mind. the funny thing is, i'm starting to develop a muddled accent of sorts. it changes whenever i'm around others who have one.

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