September 7, 2008 never ends.

HEY! It's time for the second annual September post. I will indeed be talking about school, again, because it's started and I have something to say about the teachers and, you know, such. The first class i went to last week was geology. I generally like the teacher, he's still young and funny and able to reference pertinent subjects (pokémon cards and cell phones--he's getting there). He's from Texas and within that first class period i deduced that he was like hank hill.

Really! He's even got the glasses although the frames aren't that think. It's quite an enjoyable class, especially since we went over giant spaghetti monsterism last time.
I've got a linguistic teacher who lookes like Ellen DeGeneres who speaks french, japanese and english (what a commonality there). She's nice. And.. i don't know if the others are mentionable yet. It's just, like...they're ok. None of them remind me of cartoon characters or famous people.

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