December 2, 2006

Today in school let us share needles (based on an entirely true tale)

"the single and peculiar life is bound with all the strength and armour of the mind to keep itself from noyannce but much more that the spirit upon whose weal depends and rests the lives of many the cess of majesty dies not alone but like a gulf doth draw what's near it with or it is a massy wheel fixed on the summit of the highest mount for whose huge spokes ten thousand lesser things are mortised and adjoined which when it falls each small annexment petty consequence attends the boistr'ous ruin never alone did the king sigh but with a general groan."

A part of Rosencrantz that must be memorized. Next is Polonius. Ok. My week thus far has been unfunnish. One nice little snippet, perhaps, is the abundance of interesting movies on the telly (safe haven of old; a friend most true). Memorable watch of the week:

Cool Hand Luke

Curiosity lured me into flipping the channel to watch this; the only thing I knew was that Paul Newman was in it. The colorized version was on, showing the scene when there's this snake and all the chain gang guys are trying to get it and Luke gets it and the guy with the reflective-sheriff-like sunglasses shoots the snake's head off (way, way cruel in my opinion; shocking also). I think I saw about 5/7ths of the movie, but it was all good. Yeah. I would go all into detail about other subjects from the movie, but I don't really want to do that stuff.
I'll provide another nice Luke here.

(little Luke! what was up with those eggs? and that "eyes" guy shot another animal, a turtle, later on that they were gon' eat. and the warden-ish guy with the funny voice, "what we have here is a failure to communicate.")

Also view'd: Monsters Inc., Velvet Goldmine (yeah..yyyyeahhh. mmmyeahh.) ... things I've seen before and now? Oh! I had the best time playing some GTA. That is fun.

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