November 27, 2006

Hello, regular day.

I went to school at about 7:30 AM to take a biology test that lasted until 9:15 AM. Mmmm, that's a delicious Monday for you. Yep. Been rereading Shakespeare's Hamlet. Oh. Somehow that Horatio is quite a quippy character, but I guess not really. Literature and your demading journals--leave me be! I can't stand your analytical abuse. Oh-ho, have I got an amazing feat to announce: I have completed my regular college applications due this Thursday. No applause, please, I'm just a hard working drone, oh, indeed. Seriously, it was done at 3:42 PM or something and right now I'm, all, taking a worthy break that won't have any consequences later-ish.

A rather funny concept from Japanese class: I made my grandmother force me to bring her an umbrella. Oh, that's quite the funny situation. ...and I think that the title from the last entry was much Sufjan Stevens based. That John Wayne Gacy Jr. really freaks me out. Really, totally, freaky.

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