December 6, 2006

sodomy, sausage, salami ... it's all the same.

I think today was mostly very bad. People were, how should I say this, judgemental? Prejudiced? Generally to that effect and I was tired. I don't like being responsible for things, man. Leave me be.

I watched some Army of Darkness last night. It was really funny. Sponteneous viewing of Family Guy too. Yeah. It was a nice break from stressing over new recommendation considerations. "Boomstick". I like that. Heh, "Shop smart, shop S-Mart(TM)". I totally have no idea if there's that little TM thing there, but--ok.

Another issue plaguing me: long overdue homesickness. Who misses the Lucky Dog and egg foo yung? Who misses a big back yard with a lonely cherry tree? Who misses trips to the museum of science and industry? Ohhh, you know it be me. I don't know, I've been thinking about life if it remained a relative constant for me. Like, the unchanging variable or controlled experiment. I'm just sick of here. Maybe I can go home soon.

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