December 7, 2006

don't be an ERACIST

"I need an eraser."
"Here you go."
"I don't want a green eraser, I want a white eraser."
"What? This works just fine."
"No, give me a white eraser."
"Fine. Here."
"Finally. Thanks."
"You know what that makes you?"
"An eracist."

Haha. That's supposed to teach a lesson. I don't know. It started when someone started talking about jimmies (chocolate sprinkles) and cannibals. Yeah. It was a good deviation from the regular note-taking and lecturing. Did he fake it? Indeed.

Back to school tonite to watch me some good Hamlet. "To be or not to be that is the question whether 'tis nobler..--to sleep to die..ay that's the rub..quietus....with a bare bodkin? soft you now, orisons Ophelia. Nymph, sins remembered." I don't know. That's what I mostly remeber from the great soliloquy. I've seen about....5 versions? Yeah. I made a funny little version sheet that's all, interesting with the five different actors playing Hamlet are saying parts of the "to be or not to be" speech, trying to demonstrate who's better. Looking forward to seeing Mel Gibson cry as he confronts skulls.

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