November 23, 2006

Sacrifice of Turkeys for Consupmtion Day is National!

Joe Namath..found him whilst working on a powerpoint presentation about Harry Benson. Hm. [?] My Thanksgiving has been going on without any strange or traditional occurences. No turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes (that is yet to be discussed, I suppose), cranberry sauce, et al. those regular foodstuffs. There are, however, an abundant supply of waffles, ham, crab (soft-shelled?) soup, cheesecake, cranberry bread, and pecanpie waiting to be tasted/digested. Slight differences, no?

I spent the better half of my day watching some episodes of season 2 of Project Runway on Bravo. That was, like, four or five hours straight of Santino Vs. Nick, Daniel, Chloe, Kara, himself. Oohoo--great fun. Wow, yeah. Anyway, this isn't the greatest fun I've ever had. It's more, like, work and eat and lounge around watching whatever's on the television again. I've amuse myself, though, looking at Benson's work. His photos are serious, full of life, and pondrous. It's nice that they're authentic and don't appear to be tampered in any way for dramatic enhancement. Please visit website: Harry Benson!

I don't want to work on damn college applications. Oh, god. I am not eager to worry my brain to obilvion; this is a little digression on my part.

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