October 30, 2006

Search! Giant Baby

Yeah. Some results of boredom in Photo. Oh me, oh my. This picture was one of the funnier ones. I don't know, there was nothing really to do in that class (though I chose to finish some other homework) and, alas, tempting technology before our sinful eyes. That wasn't supposed to make sense. Well, it was kinda undercover internetting, but the teacher noticed some of the strange pictures we stared at (another really huge baby and a deformed picture of some guy--he looked more hobo-ish than usual). Some watching of K-pop guy, Rain/Bi. I totally forgot about asian artists like him. I don't even know what the hell I listen to music-wise these days--weird combinations of stuff.OMJ, this was the funniest video ever. From the descriptions I heard about it, this MV was way super hilarious: Seizure-like dance moves, people falling out of windows, pelvic thrusting, lifting of tank tops, military influences--really just strange. Righty then, I give you RAIN~I'm Coming. (Hahahahahahaha, share the laugh from photo class.)

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