October 31, 2006

Halloween Horrors etc.

Again I have been sitting in front of the television; the remote guiding me to channels featuring films of gore. It's spectaclar since I really have nothing else to do (yes, I am a gooooood student and I work on all my little homeworks and sometimes I do a little work on the little applications). Anyway, I have a recap of some of these scary movies that I watched (in whole or in segments). Begin, shall we then?

The Evil Dead

I still haven't seen how this movie started. All I know is these five people (2 guys and 3 girls) end up at this cabin, discovering some necromicon book, listening to some professor guy read ancient incantations, and meeting some friendly demonic spirits. Okokokokokok. There were some really gross and gory when Ash and -- Scott(?) -- started kickin' demonic ass. The two times I've watched this film I've never gotten past the part where Ash was about to chainsaw his girlfriend, Linda, 'cuz she's all possessed from being stabbed by a pencil. Really, I almost never see the end of movies on TV because I have to go somewhere (dance show, aquanit with relatives, eat out, etc). It totally happened when I was watching The Princess Bride in June and I didn't see the end until I bought the DVD a month later (Cary Elwes, eh? MMmmm.). Yes. So. Ash. Is it the same Ash from Army of Darkness? I guess so...yeah. That movie was half wicked funny. Hmm. MONTAGE!!

Yes. Bruce Campbell there. Huh. ... Let's move it on!


Oh, Pinhead. You're so funny. Yes. I happened to catch this on the TV and yet again I missed the very beginning part, but I saw the part where Frank bough that weird puzzle box. He eventually solved it and summoned the Cenobites who took him to Hell and fulfilled his needs for pleasure extremely (I didn't quite understand what happened when Frank solved the box because he screamed and all of a sudden his flesh was all over in a place that resembled some futuristic meatlocker. Pinhead came about and started putting pieces of his face together too...?). Yeah. I didn't really get into the movie until Frank sort of resurrected when blood seeped through the attic floor (I don't understand how that works..I also thought that Frank was really some kind of giant jelly-like spider coming out of the floor. really--it was just his bones/blood/veins) and his lover, Juilia, helped him get more blood to become his ol' self. Then that Kirsty girl found out her Uncle (!? didn't know they were related) Frank was all gross and consuming people in the attic. She took the box, summoned the Cenobites, and made a deal with them: Frank's soul instead of hers. Yeah. I didn't see the end. BUT! I saw the beginning of Hellbound: Hellraiser II and learned that Julia had died and i supposed that Frank was sent back to Hell and such. That movie was way weird. ..MONTAGE 2!

All right, I was gonna do more movies or something, but the other things I watched weren't really as interesting (Cabin Fever, Urban Legend--meh). These movies are also from the '80s (which I totally didn't recognize until now).OMFGITIGPMRN: It was funny when my dad mistook Hellraiser for Phantasm (box vs. ball). I was all, like, "There's no weird orb thing killing people in Hellraiser, but maybe I'll see it later." No way, it's a different movie all together, man.
OH! I am so pissed! I didn't do the f-ing extra credit for my bio class. Just cuz I thought the teacher totally changed the due date to THURS. OMFJ, you can;t even fathom the despair I wallowed in this morning when I saw all my little classmates turn in their extra credit. REGARDLESS!!! Even if we weren't going to the elementary school to talk about bones the teacher totally said extra credit would be due Thurs. Dammit...!! (I've been watching too much of The Venture Brothers, blame the monarch.)

I'd like to end with Ash. From Army of Darkness:

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