October 28, 2006

The Horse-Toothed Teacher; What--Pillow Shams?

I don't enjoy ranting unless it's absolutely necessary. In this case it's really uncontained anger and ultimate dislike-age. I deem this a worthy cause to bitch about. This actually started all in ninth grade and resurrected in eleventh grade: the foreign language teacher, a woman who didn't shave and was quite robust (we really couldn't tell if she was fat or pregnant, she informed us it was the latter), and had to find her "loving husband" at some speed dating/single people party. Pathetic, demented lady. She's just the worst fucking teacher who has never acquired the humane method to grade. Ugly, half-horse, in bred, fake French Canadian, frreeeeeek.


Well, unto more interesting business: Pillow Cases vs. Pillow Shams. A major issue concerning today as I ventured to Target. Ok, let's conduct some research

Pillow Case

Pillow Sham

apparently a sham has extra fabric on edges of a pillow shaped case. what pupose does that serve? there are many things i don't understand.

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