November 11, 2006

so, disneyland vs. dragons.

Never, ever go to Disneyland or any theme park for that matter during a/the national holiday/s. It's ever so ridiculously crowded. Everyone is there!! ARRRTHEHGGSHE?! Well, I guess people were all going 'cuz they all had some free ticket paper from the mail (ah, comme moi) or had no work/school (aussi, like me) or wanted to see all the new holiday decor. Oh, yes. The wonderful picture taken sometime during the night there. My camera not work good and now. Among the memorable rides are Star Tours, the Haunted Mansion (TNBC-ified), and Space Mountain. I Brought home an EWOK. It's soft, adorable, and barbaric. Another nice thing about this weekend: Instead of doing College Applications I went ahead and played some Spyro: Year of the Dragon. I finally beat the damn snowboarding Yetis and kicked Sorceress buttocks. Uh. Nice Divvy of time.

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