July 3, 2013

Fuck the estate

100 exp. to anyone who understands the wonderful hidden play on words in the post title.
A fucking idiot asked me what i hoped to accomplish by the end of summer. the obvious answer, in lieu of the standard response of nothing, was to finishing reading the brothers karamazov (if only to quell my deep desire to heed nicholson's advice). having actually been thinking about how to waste my time, here's the updated list of what i'll be trying to do:

Finish reading A Song of Ice and Fire, up to the latest book. reading the actually novels is so much better than the show; i can make characters uglier or more attractive as opposed to their live action counter parts...and i actually remember the characters instead of wondering who the fuck the man in the tattered smock is.

Catullus. Getting you into my life; your words move me.

Anaïs Nin* why can't my life be as yours was?

French and Italians* because i miss it.

The return of bad habits on the balcony. It worked the first time and 2 liters of vodka will make it easier.

i can't think of anything else at the moment, only sensible activities like volunteering or interning or working at a godawful place. who wants to do shit like that? ... well, i do, to a lesser extent.

*here's a haul of free books i've taken into custody after raiding a vacant apartment. i'll keep them, adore them as they once were adored, and return them should the original owner(s) ask me nicely.

on a completely unrelated note, i am fucking obsessed with iain glen as jack taylor. it's the kind of show that you think might be absolute shite when you see jorah mormont skulking around galway in an oversized coat, but once you start watching it hooks you like some wonderful drug.

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