July 24, 2012

tornando ai film again

hello. i don't remember the last time i talked about a movie in a sort of review style. i know it was something i used to do, especially when i started posting on the regular and when i was taking those film classes and such three or four years ago. maybe i haven't seen anything worth mentioning since then (most likely the case), but today i would like to bring attention to les emotifs anonymes.

i absolutely relished this film to the full extent, rarely something i will admit to for a film with content such as this. i'm not normally the one to enjoy dramas and romances and comedies too often...i suppose there's too much to think about and keep track of once the film gets going and my upbringing on senseless violence has attributed to this so i end up spacing out or becoming jaded with the trite and banal plot. or i end up super emotional (damn you eternal sunshine).

les emotifs anonymes was different from the usual fare because i felt as if it was a representation of how i go about things, perhaps more of how i used to, and what's happening in terms of "i'm shy and awkward and you're shy and awkward....it's kind of a bad match" incident as of late. all i could think was, "god, that's basically me. i'm really almost that level of shy...holy fuck." it was just...i don't know, i felt as if it summed up what was going with me.

the plot revolves around a française chocolate maker who is part of a self-help therapy group à la AA where she reveals her struggles with shyness and love. she becomes employed at a chocolate-making shop(..? is that what you call those sort of places?), becoming the object of affection for her boss, an equally shy and awkward man who has a great love for women, but is too afraid to approach them romantically. it was an enjoyable to watch them interact in train-wrecking fashion over the most normal of everyday activities.
and i was maybe swayed a bit because it was a french film. i do enjoy those in general. most times. when the mood strikes.

i could relate to the awkwardness immensely.

i really had a wonderful time viewing this; it was magical in a weird way...i don't know. maybe you have to be a quiet, shy, covert romantic to understand why this film is good. i highly recommend giving it a watch.

it was pleasant to see this in the backgroud throughout the film, too.

this is Pierre Niney. it's almost as bad as my last obsession with Gaspard Ménier.

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