January 25, 2012


There was something unsettling in the lecture hall this afternoon. Besides watching that video with that guy getting beaten..oh, what was it? maybe that was what it was.

and it was major raining.
i LURVED it. today would have turned out super better if only i got wet more.
Like that one time when my thighs got soaked. Mmmmm.

So, this is actually what I think I meant for the last post. Wait.
This is exactly what I meant last time. it's in a book so you know these things are real, other people experience it too.

i'm not alone.

yeah, all right. whilst browsing the grand ol' internets i found this shirt.

and i would totally wear it. specious. illogical.
most of the sizes were sold out as indicated in my little image there.
but i'd still wear it.

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