May 28, 2010

dreaming of summer sauntering in Echo park.
W/O hipsters.

oh me. oh may. now intonate invariably to speak in a new language. maybe. anyway. this month was kinda enjoyable. maybe because i saw some people i'd been wanting to see and i didn't work as much as the two previous months. not so stressed anymore (except dealing with 1st & 2nd). i'm trying to make this the best month least before august and september. so, i'll try to keep low expectations and whatever eagerness still lingers for any upcoming events.

also, since it's been getting warmer (the weather here is...not at all to my liking) i've been craving to bust out in dresses or skirts. however. not here. no. i want to; alternatively, i figure it would bring unwanted attention from those i don't care to become the object of interest. anyway here's my summer cloths (i mean cloth + s, not a typo) lust list thus far:


i like that it's babydoll. the print kinda reminds me of tigers. it's kinda a nite time summer dress; good for fall transistion, no?

This is adorable and oc-ish, but for cheaps. cheapers. i'm into those trippy, messier (galactical, refer to this French Guy) colors.
to be honest, i'm totally diggin' in a ton of that madewell stuff. like, so seriously.

rag and bone stripey. it reminds me of that thrift store tshirt i left in l.a., but this is longer and with pockets and more $$.

i can't get the picture for the last one, but its from uo.

and.... Herm├Ęs. i think the durn kellys and birkins have begun to infect my brain. here would be a cheap alternative (though, looks like it wouldn't hold heavy shit):

at coc.

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