May 23, 2010

boys, Boys, the perpetual distraction

i'm rather happy i found this bit of awesomeness: jaw porn. holy. it doesn't hurt that the faces attached to the jaws are also mighty fine. i died when paul rudd popped up; pleasantly surprised james franco has a younger brother who looks nice too. i crave some variety in guys (totally nonexistent/lacking here) and this provided a good fix. i find myself craning my neck to check out any white guys within my vicinity (the last time i saw a relatively acceptable one was in 대구). ....i really, really miss seeing shitloads of white guys that are actually appealing. like seriously.

now for a shameful bit. and you thought sexy jaws were embarrassing (ooh, the scraggly beards above all~): let me give a throw back to mr. alex turner. i tend not to think about him as much these days. but. i've watched a helluva lotta korean tv, much to my dismay, and seen this one bloke who i found to resemble my old infatuation. he's also in music and alternates the short/long-shag hair. it's 민호 from 샤이니. i think there's some semblance. see here:


similarities, no?
quite possibly a hair connection. i like the juxtaposition of cute: the boderlining on ultra-feminity good boy and the kinda bad-ass. also the fact that they're not even the same ethnicity intrigues me.

a)i still like cute guys
b)i am now searching for my available hoppa alex turner & 민호 guy (like i wasn't already doing the former..)

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