December 31, 2008

know nothing, no?

uh, it feels like a regular normal day. it is. long day. who knew major grocer chains were ever more restricting about their damn coupons? well, lemme give a nice sum of my time spent in 2008. really, truly, it wasn't that great (as i predicted).

it started out rather awful and bland and devious, leaving me rather upset through the early months of the year. i'm still rather distraught and lonely. probably the most lonely year i've suffered through thus far (there will be others, but i haven't met 'em yet so..what more can i say?).
the upside of the year were the intriguing and beguiling musical ventures i experienced. that was good shit. for the most part. (oh tlsp. that were a good cute time.)
uh..also some of the school stuff, surprisingly, was decent. met some people. made short films, watched long films (kubrick-ified and coppola'd or foreign), and almost got tired of sex. almost. learned how to accept the eventual destruction of the surface of the earth and death. enjoyed early morning bob dylan, 69, and russian stories. did some crack 'o caine in the maths. mmms. better than what i woulda thought. arduous, yet entertaining.
cartoons/animated things were wonderfulness albeit a sad waste of time
i'm still a bum.

yeah. i aspire to complete close to nothing tomooorrow.
happy new nen. in, like trois heures pour moi.
oui, je parle français quelquefois.
そして日本語 を 話す も。

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