September 24, 2008

Things made in the dark: zombies deux and chaud chip

So i went to see hot chip on sunday. i know. probably shoulda wrote about this earlier, but...i was busy. seriously. school is ultimate work for the weekdays. so, let me weave a wondrous story of intrigue and dancing.

this whole thing was opened by io echo. i had heard of their band before, they played the free hammer series concerts (it's on a poster i gots), but i never heard them. now..if i had to say what they sounded's, like, if an "indie" version of horror, perhaps even death, punk (i thought of the misfits) fucked it's close relative of dance punk (ie: duchess says) and they produced a kid. That's what it is. The lead singer was some girl who really, really, really looked like a zombie. She acted like one on stage, doing all kinds of macabre stuff.

the band seemed a little out of place and the girl was all crazy--at one point she danced in a bunnyish sort of way, kicking one leg up and holding her hands up like paws. well, that's how i interpreted it. they did do a nice cover of "i want you (she's so heavy)", i thought.

On to the main event here:

This is hot chip. I want to be brief here; it was good dancing times. there were balloons bouncing about and people jumping all over the place. fairly good. yes. i don't think i can elaborate on those general concepts there. here are related images.

kinda bad. gomen. well, that was my sunday. it was hell getting up at 7 A.M. monday.

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