December 11, 2007

Allen Ginsburg & Alan Greenspan

I’m glad to say finals are over and I survived my first quarter of college with little or no consequence (except the freak and bathroom incidents, but I won’t get into any of that).
Is there any need to be candid? I think so…here goes then—I think that I am totally smitten and awestr
uck with all the things overseas…particularly in Europe and maybe in other places of the globe like also, um..Canada or… actually it’s almost exclusively in Europe (Yes, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and Luxemburg—I have feelings for you despite my overall love for the English speaking countries over there). Oh, I’m being too specific about all this, aren’t I?

superfluous musings: I’m going to refer to this person as mike bailey and in extremely abbreviated situations, MB. I don’t fully know the connection, if any, that we share, but it is of an eclectic sort. Well, that’s all I really want to say about this person for now.

The funny thing about the Allen/Alan reference there is—I thought they were the same person. I mean, I was reading all about this Allen Ginsburg person who was a peacenik/part of the beat generation and it was such a stark contrast to that economic guy who was all into governmental topics. But they’re not the same person because—it just wouldn’t make sense.
I’m happy about the new single for Arctic Monkeys. From what I’ve listened to thus far it reminds me of some dark—like, spooky kinda house. I just get that kind of aura from the music.
Yeah. This is a little outdated in relation to events. I suppose I’ll be listening to teddy picker all the time now and thinking about Paolo Nutini. Ah, the affinity we all share.

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