September 23, 2007

Owls know oh so much

...about physical assault. Supposedly. They're the spokesanimals pictured on some kinda pamphlet/booklet about the whole deal.

Anyways, what I am currently doing here..right this place over up Nothing, really. Halfway chillin' and I'm mostly tired. Sleeping over here hasn't been great. Like, at all. I haven't had trouble sleeping like this maybe ever. I don't understand it. Therefore the results of this has made me ridiculously, unbearably, uncontrollably, insanely, queerly, understandably, horrendously, crazily, madly, annoyingly T-I-R-E-Ds. Another strange occurrence taking place as of now: no real, like really real, appetite. That's weird.

I'll go ask the owls later. I speculate some of them live in a nearby tree. Around here. Like this guy--

Yeah, I bet he knows all sorts of stuff. Look at him..yelling out information if you ask him nicely.

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