January 29, 2007

don't Coppola other people's work

First day of my last semester in high school. Really. First period teacher reminded the seniors of the terror post secondary education. It was just a long, long, long day. This underclass girl talked to me for a minute or so in study hall. It was strange.
#2, half study hall, sophomore year teacher almost said something like "Coppola" or "coppo" when trying to say "Don't copy other people's work!" I laughed inside. "Ho, ho, ha" or something like that.

Originally, I was planning to say something after finals, like, "IT"S OVER!" or "I FEEL SO RELIEVED" or "THAT WAS QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORST TEST I'VE TAKEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE THUS FAR" or "I want pancakes". I didn't do anything because I didn't feel like working on anything after studying for various tests.


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