July 13, 2012

13 things i hate about you

there is pleasure derived from posting on friday the thirteenth. i have a history of doing it over the years on here. it is a day i look forward to.
i guess i mean to say..everything bad that i could never ask for happened yesterday, a preemptive strike on all the good things i had going for me were fucked to the extreme.
anyway. i have to say that in the end it turned out great. I discovered things that made me feel genuinely happy. Like, so motherfucking overjoyed--shit i never thought would be within my grasp.

endless tears and sobbing (oh fuck. i can't believe i admit to heinous emotional outbursts.) morphed into uncontrollable smiling and laughter. i swear shit like that has never happened to me in my life--from shit to salvation. it lifted my spirits so much...made me happy as i've ever been since i realized mr. skip nicholson was the greatest man i've ever met.
but enough about good things.

i have also been obsessed with listening to chuck berry's no particular place to go.


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