November 8, 2011

Seen and unseen

Hi there. My absence from this blog is extremely apparent. Hmmm. Well, i am here today to discuss/put up/make note of my current interests/obsessions.

first, los campesinos! has a new album, "hello sadness". this band and i have gone back maybe four or five years when I first saw the music video for "you! me! dancing!"

i don't remember how i found it or where i saw it, but i knew i adored the song. from that point on i've been following the band's musical releases and found the majority of them to be pleasing to the ear with enough innovations and continuity; you do a double-take while realizing it's the same twee, blatantly cynic group of welsh musicians.
yesterday i it dawned on me that los campesinos! is the only band i listen to that i feel grew with me; we sort of developed and converged in identical ways, albeit theirs was of a musical form and mine was, more or less, biological. it's the idealogical aspect we share.
that's what i feel, anyway, when i look back on my late high school years, the time i spent in england, my stint in south korea, and where i am now. the parallel is astounding, like one of those "soundtrack to my life" kind of things.
back to this new album: i find it a good listen, i can't stop listening to (a few of) the songs. it's been two days and it's usually the first thing i want to hear when i start my day.
my absolute favorite song has to be "baby, i got the death rattle." the mood of it and oddly clever lyrics with the apt musical composition makes it something i need to have on repeat.

next up, just want to share this from italian class today: il volo. they are absolutely adorable!! we watched this at the end of class, and even though it's a little pavoratti meets jonas brothers circa 2008, the pavorotti aspect beats out the faux-pop-rockers any day.

see!!? even though i was laughing in bewilderment and shame and amazement, you can't help but be mesmerized by their italian charms.

i can't believe they're still teenagers. they are very, very, very cute.
how is it i was unaware of their presence here during the summer?? dang.

The last bit here, i just found while making my rounds on the other blogs i follow. this is alain delon. he is a french actor.


europeans on the mind again.

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