July 13, 2011

we think we Assume so

oh! i really don't seem to have the time to keep this up lately. my reasons are legitimate. so, onto the new things that been going on hurrr..

interesting events regarding summer school: a hummingbird flew into our class whilst we were taking out test yesterday. there were attempts to lure it towards and out the windows, but to no avail. not sure if it got out or died...
there was a language exchange activity thing yesterday, too. it was fun...the things we had to do were ちょっと変 at first or, y'know, weird at best. hmm. yeah. the students were very cute. the ones in our group, from what i saw/experienced. very nice.

mmmm, uh, oddly enough, i've finished my homework early and have quite a bit of free time--so prior to getting down with this i took a break reclining upside-down. i find it relaxing. part nostalgic.
i think in future posts...i'm gonna put up pictures or things i especially like/sometimes (sadly) obsess over.
oh my gosh, though, are you in the know about 2kshirts kinda sales for womens' tees? the majority of them are 1/2 (mebbe a tad bit more than) off so..um, you might wanna order some david shrigley and vänskap while good sizes are still available. i fucking know i will.

you can't resist.

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