March 27, 2011

At it. An encore.

awwwwwwwwww. spring break is over! this week was much too short. i'm devastated. i am definitely not looking forward to waking up early and sitting through classes struggling to keep my eyes and ears open. ughhhh. i didn't quite accomplish everything i intended to...i had a change in a reciprocation so i'm working on it. i think it'll come out interesting, if not emotional (not like the stoicism apparent in my writing..or me in real-real life. i have dimensions).

ehhmmm, anyways, i'm off to start more education tomorrow. can't believe i have to do the whole italian everyday thing again (who will be my teacher?? someone as sweaty and cute as before??? i can only hope..but not that sweaty).i don't know the exact approach to have to this quarter...i mean, i'mma try to keep it lax and get shit done goood. after this round i have summer to fool around and rot in mini pants in the sunshine for a while before attending more education things. ooohhahhh, already a rather deep letdown. onto the surviving.

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