November 15, 2010

Toking super mas.tur.bat.ion

oh shitzles. that was so funny. i need to share it with whatever limited audience i gather. can you imagine how that comes about? pun definitely intended. onto less humorous stuff.

i am still considering ideas i initially had in '07...and taking them to the next level. maybe, maybe it'll be the best thing i ever did and i can float away...indiscreetly. Or i need to get my feet back on the ground, suck it up, and finish what i started so i can get on with life. do you know how conflicted i am? can you even imagine?
at least the quarter is almost over and i can revel in the multitude of tests that i can only complete 17% of.
the reality of faux'demics. can't deal with it.

and since there hasn't been good ol' media to spruce up your attention:

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