July 14, 2010

I'm not good at these...will waving suffice?

It's over! Two schools down and one to go. One more week. Eesh. And then a whole 'nother week. EEEEE. But most of the stress is over. I can relax and worry about my main kids for the remainder of my time here; i can finally start developing that teacher-student relationship i promised i'd make five months ago with them.

Today didn't go exactly as i intended, namely sine i almost thought that english class was cancelled because my 1st & 2nd students were about 20 mins late. at least half of the period was gone so i could just review by showing them creepy bug pictures and treat them to a pink panther episode. Grades 3 & 4 was almost the same situation...and i just let them draw, eventually showing this classic towards the end of class. etc. i had also planned to give ALL of my students mini, *super mini*, gift "bags" filled with stickers and candy. i only gave one out..and one girl thought it was trash. that made me feel so sad.
i spent so much time making them last night~~~!!

oh well.

enjoy this last day of cuteness and quite possibly my ass. unedited for your pleaaasssuree.

one thing i could never get: how the fuck was it that the school i worked the earliest always had me home the latest and vice versa for the school i worked latest at?

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