January 6, 2010

Your face. It is ALL wrong

sadly i can remember a time when i was obsessed, kinda, with eye make-up. it was something i couldn't grasp; a foreign concept to me, befuddling even my generally bright mental state. that was two years ago, i think. well, i learned some stuff from eye candy by linda mason and my sometime regime consists of eyeliner on the lower lash line with occasional mascara (i am liking cg lashblast length as cheapie brand and i might say ysl is quite good in terms in the $$$ kind from what i've tried). okokok. this sounds like such girly banter...don't worry--it was bound to happen and there will be some distressing words towards the end. anyway, i think towards the end of 09 i was into lip color. i tried classic red and dark stuff popular for the fall (no, black lipstick or whatever was simply too much for me..i can't be a triana) and the nude lip. i guess my method now is to stain my lips from time to time and the fuschia-ish cheapie i have is getting some decent rotation.

that awful banter about face shit leads to this: my unwarranted sudden interest in blush. oh bejebus. what i am gunning for is red or something really bright/unconventional. i don't plan to layer it on until i'm a raggedy ann dead ringer in asian form, but i want to add subtle enhancements or whatever...i don't know, i just want to try it. my fascination with red started a little while back when i was searching all over for red chuck taylor high-tops. so the only variations of a red blusher i've found are NARS in exhibit A and maybe ysl in coriander. but if it's just one of my trendy phases i should probably look into more cheapie things to try out...
i leave you with this news: i am ill, i can't find that rodarte dress anywhere, and my living space is still ridiculously messy.

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