January 9, 2010

..dead again>

it's official. through all my efforts of revival and promised future care, my ipod died. this was my second one, lasting at least five, if not six, years with me. it was there when i was in high school and all the senseless hours waiting between classes in college (unreliable at times...) and when i took long bus/train/car rides (oh those usuki-to-oita school and oxford tube days) or walked. never seen that kind of recommended web-help under the dead/sickie ipod character. i don't know what to do, really. the first ipod i had lasted at most a year so i'm a bit apprehensive if i should get a new one. besides, the only one available for purchase these days are the cute nanos (lovely colours, but limited music capacity), the regular ones with 160 gb (my, my, that's a wee much) and the touch (expensive. if i wanted to play games with something like that i would get the nintendo ds). that's from my experience with what's at a local costco. i don't know. there are other options out there and i have researched a few...ah, but this recently deceased music player lasted so long in comparison when it clearly probably wasn't supposed to.

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