May 27, 2009


as am i.

here we are, back in the united states. when i returned i didn't really feel as if anything was remotely different--just sorta like a return to normalcy and sunshine. quite the contrast i experienced when i was in england for the first time. there was this nonexistent transition.
i can't explain it and i wish it didn't come off so easy. i would've preferred a little mental and physical distress, but i guess that's just me.
i haven't been up to much since my return except watching too much tv (hence the title of this post. can you figure out where it's from? i was surprised it came up where it did, but, you know, kids this days...) and frequenting target (that was probably the place i missed most when i was in europe), but now i find myself yearning for good ol' city centre with it's primark and leisure walking times. i also long for moo-moos and i really regret having high tea only twice--the first time without even trying scones with the clotted cream! oh! it's a travesty.
i'm still concerned about if anything happened back in march..if anything.

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