February 8, 2009

i am still Here

What's kinda really freaking me out right now, besides the shit i've gotta be writing for the internets, is the fact that this time next month i'mma be not here where i usually am. i'll be in in the fucking u.k. god. the time will jet like and, yeah, you'll be getting post about my adventures over there..rather than the sad ending not i started on with this blog. when i really take the time to think about my upcoming journey there, i get filled with trepidation and the whole deal seems daunting. oh man. freaking out..i still have to think about/plan the things i want to do, but i hardly have any time with the ellipses. parabolas, and systems of equations i gotta be dealing with everyday. it's stressful. the rain this past weekend was nice. it was cold and occasionally lightning-i-fied.
there really isn't anything great anymore is there?

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