June 16, 2008

Curse of the Andrews:
The hand of fate fucks me over

So today was the first day of summer school. My first class was 7:30 AM and lasted about 21/2 hours. Then some other classes later (one lasting 1 hour, the other about 2). It was just a long day with ridiculous gaps of time between all them. I guess out of all the guys from the classes that i had, i just happened to find one that looked ok (and not nerdy asian/wannabe gangsta asian). Alas, it was another andrew. So whaat the fuuuck is up with guys with that name?
You'd think I'd have more fascinating topics to discuss regarding my doings thus far, but it was really very much like regular life or whatever. saw lotsa people from high school or people i'd had classes with already. whole bunch of those, y'know, i don't know the phrase, but, you know...THOSE type of asian girls--the far too much americanized ones, i guess.

I changed the colours! Isn't it much more interesting to look at this shitty blog now? Try not to stare too long at the neonesqueness. You just might get a seizure.

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