April 12, 2008

Sit on my lap. Do it.

Exciting news, anyone? Well, I’ve just recently discovered (like today, like some minutes ago) that the wombats will be back in l.a. in june. Hmmm. This a nice opportunity to, uh, see them actually play and avoid the 3/11 incident again..i just took a glimpse at the info so maybe I’ll delve into it more later.
Other important events to mention! I’m finally on Spring Break (..pshaw—like it fuckin’ matters when you go to school three days outta the five day scholarly week) and i don't know what to do. I've thought about biking around (oh! healthy and environmentally awesome activity, although there are some negative connections i've heard of late) or getting on the train. Bah. Hopefully there'll be theme park adventures.
This was just a ploy to waste space.
Gah..the next post shall have a song i'll make up about something ridiculous or unnecessary. at least that'll be exciting.
Stay tuned please.
And i'm sooooo tired of sex, but titties and genitalia don't cease to amaze me.

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