January 1, 2008

2008 already ain't great

I dislike the redundancy of posts, but I deem this impertinent to one of the main causes of “Verbal Punches!”. 2008 isn’t so much about some shit new resolutions (although there are some)—it’s all about living it up because, sadly, it’s my last year as a bona fide youth. I get all depressed thinking about getting older and all the things I haven’t done that I fucking shoulda when I was young and stupid. I just wasn’t stupid enough. In that sense my whole teenage years feel wasted. Think about it: you’re only 19 once, but you got seven years as a fucking teen to get into all sorts of trouble that you’ll probably regret—and don’t get me wrong, I have all sorts of regrets based mostly on ridiculous academic (see? see what kind of follies I think I’ve gotten into??) mishaps. Therefore my new approach for this year will be indifferently involved indefinitely. Well, I'm gonna have to make it work..

The Zombies - This Will be Our Year

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