July 22, 2007

Nymphet & Wiz

Before the 7th HP book arrived I entertained myself by reading Lolita (yes, the one with the girl and older guy and camp Q). Rereading it; actually, it's been maybe two or three years since I had read the thing, but I generally abandoned the taboo tale for something more enchanting...

Well, I have finished the majority of the last Harry Potter book (sans the epilogue; I really don't want t know what happens to anyone in the future--it's a little strange and I prefer to make my own assumptions). After reading roughly 500 or so pages yesterday, the most shocking death, personally, was Hedgewig. I absolutely refused to believe it, yet it was so. And then today reading about a slew of other deaths (Fred? Honestly?). The story of Snape was rather sad, but the most interesting aspect of this book were the hollows, their history, and the improbable chain of events that ultimately led to, of course, one H.P. The ending was--I don't know. I felt as if I had readThe Importance of Being Earnest all over again, that's how the ending made me feel.
And can you imagine? A Lolita and Harry story--Middle aged wizards hungrily scheming (Voldemort too? Somewhat so in HP & the Chamber of Secrets) to attain young witches and, or dare I mention, muggle girls? Isn't that just a creepy thought, though? Indeed, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, disturbing.

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