December 25, 2006

It's Christmastime. Fo' reals.

Finally, the day of presents and family gatherings and other such occurences. Anywaym, I'm not really doing all that stuff because I went on a plane and am now here in Chicago. Oh my, lemme tell y'all about the ride. There was an in-flight movie. They planned to show us Pirates of theCaribbean II and, initially, it was playing with Keira Knightley and that Orlando Bloom about to be getting married when the british bad guys appeared saying they're all arrested and stuff with some deal about Jack Sparrow. Then--crackle, shizzy--they can't play Pirates II no mo'.

OK, OK. Them peoples gonna show us The Da Vinci Code, but then they figured the film would be too long for the flight. ...Dang, what we gon' watch now? Revelation--they decide to show (oh, man...are you ready? you better be ready, ohh man. some good stuff 'bout to come up here--) Little Miss Sunshine!! I was really dying to see that movie (uh, some super good reviews and Steve Carell, oooohhhmmmm.) It was totally great; the funny, the real-life-like drama, the heroin snorting, the proust, the nietzsche, the car problems, and the pageant. Things we can all relate to.

I finally understand that whole nietzsche deal and the exterme reversal-like way it was portrayed. What really freaked me out the most was theLittle Miss Sunshine beauty pageant because those little girls were overloaded with make up and hair products. It was scary. Olive was super cute. The Rick James Dance! oh. oh, those were some nice times. I was surprised to hear Sufjan Stevens in the movie. Chicago played in the background while the family started their trip to California. I vaguely remember some blog a long while back maybe mentioning that...about the LIttle Miss Sunshine and the Sufjan. Hm, Hm.

Other new chicago news: Went to my old house. It was so weird to see some Christmas lights and other decorations on the place I used to live. Really strange. Um. Yeah. The expressway was all backwards..exiting from the left lane? I didn't remember that.

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